Benefit & Membership

Who can become a member?

Members of AWSFA are compatriots and lovers of the African culture. AWSFA membership is open to everyone, both sports professionals and non-sports people. All that is required is your passion to be a part of a great movement that seeks to promote African cultural heritage in Australia.


You will benefit  from engaging with  a vast network people with similar passion as yours; developing long-life friendships

Becoming part of a larger group [as ASTW]  gives an advantage in that potential commercial contacts can be made with people from various ethnic communities in Australia that may be able to open doors to other contacts around the world.

The other thing is that in addition to practicing your own ancestral culture, you can connect with larger sporting bodies that give you an opportunity to represent your community in national & international tournaments. ASTW is affiliated to Wrestling Australia Inc (WAI), an Australian Sports Commission (ASC) recognised National Sporting Organisation for the sport of wrestling that gets Australian athletes ready for events such as the Olympics & Commonwealth Games.

Potential Olympic participation is also a reality through either freestyle, Greco or female wrestling or maybe even judo but this is the whole purpose of this project, to connect all the people involved in the various styles Australian wrestling into one large family & then collectively try to inspire new people to get involved in the sport.

In additional, your community organization can benefit from free publications on the ASTW e-newsletter. ASTW publishes an e-newsletter that goes out around Australia to a readership in the several thousands that brings people an awareness of events that are happening around this country. Naturally this also connects ASTW with the whole world of organizations & the newsletter also goes out to individuals in New Zealand (& some other Pacific island nations), Asia, Africa, Europe & America.

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